Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Goldfinger – Donald Trump Comparison

「Goldfinger images」の画像検索結果「Donald Trump images」の画像検索結果

1)         Both wealthy, aging, overweight men of German descent (with Anglicanized names)
2)         Both operate legitimate businesses (respectively jewelry/horse-breeding and real estate/brand licensing)
3)         Both engage in illegal businesses (respectively gold smuggling and Russian money laundering)
4)         Both collaborate with organized crime (respectively US and Russian mobsters)
5)         Both collude with foreign governments against the US (respectively China and Russia)
6)         Both surround themselves with beautiful women out of their league (and when no longer useful respectively have them killed and divorce them)
7)         Both have fat, creepy lackeys (respectively Oddjob  and Steve Bannon)
8)         Goldfinger employs Pussy (Galore), Trump grabs pussy
9)         Both like golf (and cheat)
10)     Both have access to nuclear weapons
11)     Both like gold


12) Goldfinger is defeated by a dedicated civil servant . . .

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The history of the Trump administration told entirely through ABBA song titles

Money, Money, Money
Take A Chance On Me
The Name of the Game
The Winner Takes It All
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
Should I Laugh Or Cry
Under Attack
Slipping Through My Fingers
When All Is Said And Done
The King Has Lost His Crown

Friday, February 3, 2017

May this Presidential Administration Die Hard with a Vengeance

Trump's supporters think he's this guy

I feel like Trump’s supporters think he’s like John McClane in the original Die Hard: A no-nonsense, tough-talking New York everyman who shoots straight and kills all those foreign terrorists who literally declare a ‘War on Christmas' and take a bunch of hard-working, all-American (largely white if I recall) corporate employees hostage in order to rob their company (which ironically, is a Japanese firm, if you remember) on the night of their holiday party. Despite their fancy tailored clothes, organizational savvy, high-tech gadgets, and eloquent, erudite continental mastermind leader Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman, chewy scenery with aplomb), McClane defeats them with sheer guts and determination, showing not just the bad guys who is boss, but all those pencil-necked, bureaucratic West Coast lawmen and bumbling feds who get in his way, as well as a useless media embodied by a craven, self-serving TV newsman.

But Trump is really this guy

Me, I think Trump is Harry Ellis. If you don’t remember, Ellis is one of the corporate hostages – a cocky, coked-up, snooty and obnoxious yuppie who blatantly hits on McClane’s wife Holly and goes out of his way to belittle McClane’s working-class status when they first meet. Later in the film Ellis decides to take matters into his own hands, telling Holly, “Hey babe, I negotiate million dollar deals for breakfast. I think I can handle this Eurotrash.” However, his ‘negotiation’ consists of blowing McClane’s true identity to Gruber and trying to get McClane to surrender (and likely be killed). It doesn’t work, and for his troubles Ellis doesn’t even make it to the end of the movie. Which is what I’m hoping for the current demented presidential administration.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Dear concerned parents of America: 

Buy books. Lots of them. Read to your kids. Take them to museums and libraries (for as long as we have them). Point to the sky at night and inspire them to wonder. Repeat to them names like Galileo, Einstein, Shakespeare, Chaucer, Newton, Twain, Steinbeck, etc. Introduce them to people of every age and color and encourage them to listen patiently to their stories. Arrange visits to churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, everything. If you weren't good at math, or science or history as a kid, don't hide it from your own children. Use this opportunity to study together. Take absolutely nothing for granted. Because we can't.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lessons from Gandhi to use Today

Satyagraha - "insistence on truth" or “truth force.” The form of nonviolent resistance or civil resistance coined and developed by Mahatma Gandhi (1869–1948).

Code of discipline laid down by Gandhi for volunteers in the 1930 protests against the British colonial government

  1. Harbor no anger but suffer the anger of the opponent. Refuse to return the assaults of the opponent.
  2. Do not submit to any order given in anger, even though severe punishment is threatened for disobeying.
  3. Refrain from insults and swearing.
  4. Protect opponents from insult or attack, even at the risk of life.
  5. Do not resist arrest nor the attachment of property, unless holding property as a trustee.
  6. Refuse to surrender any property held in trust at the risk of life.
  7. If taken prisoner, behave in an exemplary manner.
  8. As a member of a satyagraha unit, obey the orders of the satyagraha leaders, and resign from the unit in the event of serious disagreement.
  9. Do not expect guarantees for maintenance of dependents.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Bear witness.
The federal week in review:
1. Trump fires all Ambassadors and Special Envoys, ordering them out by inauguration day.
2. House brings back the Holman rule allowing them to reduce an individual civil service, SES positions, or political appointee's salary to $1, effectively firing them by amendment to any piece of legislation. We now know why they wanted names and positions of people in Energy and State.
3. Senate schedules 6 simultaneous hearings on cabinet nominees and triple-books those hearings with Trump's first press conference in months and an ACA budget vote, effectively preventing any concentrated coverage or protest.
4. House GOP expressly forbids the Congressional Budget Office from reporting or tracking ANY costs related to the repeal of the ACA.
5. Trump continues to throw the intelligence community under the bus to protect Putin, despite the growing mountain of evidence that the Russians deliberately interfered in our election.
6. Trump breaks a central campaign promise to make Mexico pay for the wall by asking Congress (in other words, us, the taxpayers) to pay for it.
7. Trump threatens Toyota over a new plant that was never coming to the US nor will take jobs out of the US.
8. House passes the REINS act, giving them veto power over any rules enacted by any federal agency or department--for example, FDA or EPA bans a drug or pesticide, Congress can overrule based on lobbyists not science. Don't like that endangered species designation, Congress kills it.
We - progressive, liberal, libertarian and conservative - need to all wake up to what is actually happening to our beloved country.

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Monday, December 19, 2016

His face was cold. His mouth trembled, asking: "Who ­ who won the presidential election yesterday?"
The man behind the desk laughed. "You joking? You know very well. Deutscher, of course! Who else? Not that fool weakling Keith. We got an iron man now, a man with guts!"
There was a sound of thunder.

- Ray Bradbury, 'A Sound of Thunder' (1952)