Monday, June 13, 2016

In the week that was, June 5 - 12, 2016 . . .

- We were reminded that committing rape doesn't mean the same if you're white, male and privileged. That a judge of similar background will show leniency in light of that person's "potential," and that potential will lead your parents to very publicly dismiss the gravity of your crime and its effects upon the victim (as well as the victim herself).

- That in the world of Chicago theater, despite its attitude of activism and action, its self-proclaimed striving for authenticity and the truth, can be home to 20 years of sexual harassment and abuse committed with impunity by an acclaimed and lauded artist, aided and abetted by silence, complacency and professional intimidation.

- That LGBT persons in America still have much to fear from others, simply for being themselves, simply for existing. That there's still way too many guns in the hands of the wrong people at the wrong times. That there's no political will to stop it. But there's way too much political will to dismiss the facts (like the fact the targets were LGBT) or to exploit the event (to inflame anti-Muslim, anti-Arab, anti-immigrant hysteria).

- That one of our two major political parties continues to be fronted by an ignorant, wealthy, racist demagogue spouting dangerous and inflammatory rhetoric

- That urban violence continues unabated.

- That the middle class continues to shrink.

- That the climate continues to change.

Just trying to get my head around the week that was.