Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Goldfinger – Donald Trump Comparison

「Goldfinger images」の画像検索結果「Donald Trump images」の画像検索結果

1)         Both wealthy, aging, overweight men of German descent (with Anglicanized names)
2)         Both operate legitimate businesses (respectively jewelry/horse-breeding and real estate/brand licensing)
3)         Both engage in illegal businesses (respectively gold smuggling and Russian money laundering)
4)         Both collaborate with organized crime (respectively US and Russian mobsters)
5)         Both collude with foreign governments against the US (respectively China and Russia)
6)         Both surround themselves with beautiful women out of their league (and when no longer useful respectively have them killed and divorce them)
7)         Both have fat, creepy lackeys (respectively Oddjob  and Steve Bannon)
8)         Goldfinger employs Pussy (Galore), Trump grabs pussy
9)         Both like golf (and cheat)
10)     Both have access to nuclear weapons
11)     Both like gold


12) Goldfinger is defeated by a dedicated civil servant . . .