Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lessons from Gandhi to use Today

Satyagraha - "insistence on truth" or “truth force.” The form of nonviolent resistance or civil resistance coined and developed by Mahatma Gandhi (1869–1948).

Code of discipline laid down by Gandhi for volunteers in the 1930 protests against the British colonial government

  1. Harbor no anger but suffer the anger of the opponent. Refuse to return the assaults of the opponent.
  2. Do not submit to any order given in anger, even though severe punishment is threatened for disobeying.
  3. Refrain from insults and swearing.
  4. Protect opponents from insult or attack, even at the risk of life.
  5. Do not resist arrest nor the attachment of property, unless holding property as a trustee.
  6. Refuse to surrender any property held in trust at the risk of life.
  7. If taken prisoner, behave in an exemplary manner.
  8. As a member of a satyagraha unit, obey the orders of the satyagraha leaders, and resign from the unit in the event of serious disagreement.
  9. Do not expect guarantees for maintenance of dependents.

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