Sunday, October 7, 2012

Here's some great news.  I will be in the cast of the upcoming play Bridge of Birds at Chicago's Lifeline Theatre, running next year from June 13 to July 31.  The show is based on the book Bridge of Birds: A Tale of an Ancient China That Never Was by writer Barry Hughart.  It's an ensemble role, so I'll have the opportunity to duck in and out of various characters and guises.  Great chance to stretch the muscles and show some range.  I've been an admirer of Lifeline's work over the years (and have auditioned for a couple of shows).  They're specialty is original, homegrown adaptations of literary works.  I particularly liked their adaptation of Neil Gaiman's early novel Neverwhere, which featured some very ingenious staging to bring to life Gaiman's fantasy world of London Below, its numerous environs and fantastic beasties.   Here's to 2013!

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