Sunday, October 7, 2012

Looking back at the cold and uncomfortable shoot of Red Dawn back in December 2009.
Here's me standing by my trailer door (first time I ever had one of those).  Courtesy of my scene partner Cindy Chu
My stay in Detroit was longer than expected, resulting in me actually being around for the wrap party and being able to go.  It was a bit surreal, hanging out with Asian guys from the stunt team who played the various Chinese (later North Korean) cannon fodder for the film's all-American heroes.  Saw Jeffrey Dean Morgan walking about and even chatted briefly with Chris "Thor" Hemsworth, who gave me a compliment about my playing drunk in our scene together. 
However, though there was a party, it wasn't really the wrap.  The shoot was already way over schedule, but I guess all the arrangements had been made.  So the party went on as planned, but my actual final shoot date was afterward.  Didn't have a car of my own available so I was largely stuck at the hotel during my non-shooting hours.  Can't say I was that fond of hotel life after a while, my schedule largely consisting of checking e-mails, meals in the hotel restaurant, working out in the hotel gym and fitting in a few freelance translation jobs. 

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