Monday, December 1, 2014

Ass-Kicking Moses?

Finally watched the whole trailer for Exodus: Gods and Kings. Racially problematic casting aside, why does it look like an action adventure film? Why is there this continuing drive to make apparently “ass-kicking” versions of fairy tales (Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, etc.) and now Biblical stories (first Noah now this)? My memories from Sunday school are admittedly dim, but I recall a Bible filled with Judeo-Christian chronicles of God’s relationship to man and parables on the nature of good conduct. Simple tales (though not simplistic). Was there really a need to take these stories, run them through a CrossFit regimen, overdose them on Axe Body Spray and unleash upon them endless orclike CGI hordes in color desaturated rain-drenched battlefields?

Anyway, director Ridley Scott has done the film no favors with his comments regarding the casting which come across as the worst kind of lazy Hollywood cynicism ("Ridley Scott’s Explanation For Whitewashing His Exodus Movie Is Infuriating"), which is only topped by studio owner Rupert Murdoch's own blinkered comments ("Rupert Murdoch Took To Twitter To Address The ‘Exodus’ Race Controversy In The Worst Way Possible").

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