Tuesday, July 15, 2014

All Hail the New Normal

Enjoying our second full day with baby Jack at home. Sunday morning we received the welcome news that his bilirubin count had finally gone down and he would be discharged. It was a big relief to Czerina and I. My earlier post notwithstanding, the nurses and doctors at St. Joseph's overall were a terrific bunch. And I have to say, since the majority of them were Asian (mainly Filipina), we really felt like we had a lot of new aunties helping us out every step of the way. There was even one Korean nurse who, true to form, chastised me for my inability to speak my language and wanted to speak to my mother.

Settling into life at home has gone fairly smoothly. And while certainly the rhythms of life are quite different now - governed by Jack's cycle of feeding, sleeping and pooping - the pace is considerably slower. With Czerina now home from work on maternity leave, and both my aikido and acting curtailed at the moment, this is the least rushed and hectic I have felt in quite some time. I wouldn't want things to be this way forever (especially the late-night feeding sessions), but I'm minding it a lot less than I had expected.

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