Saturday, July 12, 2014

(Early morning conversation regarding baby nutrition)

Nurse: So, do you eat a traditional Chinese diet?

Me: We're not Chinese.

(And with that, our son has his first encounter with profiling.)


I posted the above words on my Facebook page as well, and it generated some really interesting comments, so I thought I'd share here.

  • Tamon Mark Uttech I like this story. It shows that profiling isn't always done on purpose.
  • Dwight Egan Sora Yes, I'm more amused than annoyed. There was a very brief pause before the nurse rephrased her question with *Asian* diet.
  • Hawk Durham You could have just been honest and said "Yes...but only on Thursdays, when they run that special at Uncle Lou's Cantonese..."
  • Dwight Egan Sora or "No, but I've played one onstage."
  • Bradley Baker I notice major characteristics of people, but I can't pinpoint their ancestral origin nor would I try. Where was she going with the questioning? 'Traditional' has become subjective, and her area covering the diet is too large, what is a 'traditional Asian diet'? She failed.
  • Chip Payos Hahaha ! She did fail. Call the registered dietician
  • Eric Castillo Should of just told her a Diet of Rice & Beans.

    And maybe a Taco on Taco Tuesdays !
  • Aaron Todd Douglas Wow. Wait, you're not Chinese?
  • Christopher Walsh I wonder what constitutes a "traditional Asian diet"? Could there be a more vague phrase, food-wise?
  • Dwight Egan Sora Well, after my early morning Zen meditation, I like to work up an appetite by practicing 100 sword cuts while my wife does Tai Chi. It is when she is preparing the tea that I enter into the woods to slay a wild boar with my bow and arrow, and the local peasants bring in rice from the fields . . .
  • Alice Singleton I remember when we began Marissa on solids, and I would feed her Satay & peanut sauce, which she loved. On one pediatrician visit, when I gave the nurse and overview of her diet, she exclaimed her alarm, "why on earth are you feeding her (that)? Whoeve...See More
  • Braddah Bill Aren't all East Asians Chinese?
  • Sean Sinitski "I wonder what constitutes a "traditional Asian diet"? Could there be a more vague phrase, food-wise?" - I think, and I've seen it mentioned by dieticians the main part of the diet centers on rice, fresh vegetables, and fish. Which is a diet high in fiber and good shit.
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  • Roy Yamamoto Better check what they're going to put on his birth certificate!
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  • Bradley Baker But Asia is huge with large portions of the continent not near fish, or even an environment conducive for growing rice...though now that you say that I had a chiropractor who suggested a similar diet, but he just said a diet rich in fish (low in mercury) and vegetables and if I needed grains, whole grains, brown rice was suggested.
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  • Joshua Hansell General Tso's everyday, right?
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  • Mia Chanmi Park aaaaahhhh ssssoooo, me so hunglee!
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  • Dom Tor Fleming Dwight, why are you Chinese people so touchy about race? You're always inscrutable otherwise.
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  • Linus Sora I think it shows the fall of the Japanese in the world's eyes..
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  • Cheryl Emiko Sora It's funny how people on the mainland think you're Chinese if you're Asian. I'm so glad it's not like that in Hawaii...
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  • Arvin A. Jalandoon That is wonderful. When I was born they asked my mom if our staple was banana leaves and do " we use utensils, ... like forks and spoons instead of our hands in Manila ... "
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  • Jill Thiel And... scene.
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  • Aaron Todd Douglas What an assbackwards country we live in.
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  • JoaquĆ­n McCoy Maybe it was Sheldon logic, since most things are actulaly made in China.
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  • Dwight Egan Sora I'd like to add that according to one of Czerina's visiting cousins, we were mistakenly listed under "Gomez" at one point.
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  • Debbi Brown von Nida I was once asked if my feet were small, because in China feet are bound. No feet are small, because I'm short. Shortly after I was told how bad my country was for drowning baby girls. I replied the U.S.A. has not sanctioned the drowning of any children. My country prefers to keep them ill educated and ignorant of other cultures.
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  • Michael Heneghan You sir are more patient with stupid than I
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  • Carol Ruth Kimmel There are nurses from Korea and other countries at the St Joseph neo-natal intensive care unit--how odd that the person you spoke to made such a mistake.
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  • Ty Perry If I may quote the late great James Brown."Living in America"
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  • David Chack I cut off part of my finger while doing housework and rushed to the emergency room. The person at the admittance desk saw my Jewish star around my neck and after hearing that part of my finger was cut off she said, "Yes. You people do that while slicing bagels."
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  • Dwight Egan Sora David - What the friggin' what? Really?
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