Friday, October 10, 2014

Baby's Trip to Space: The Crazy Things New Dads Will Do 

The past two weeks have been the first my wife has been at work since maternity leave. Although we've made arrangements to get help watching the baby from our mothers and a paid babysitter (Deanna Myers, who by the way, does an awesome job if you're looking), there's still blocks during the day when it's just me and him. After all the busywork is taken care of (changing clothes, diapers, feeding, etc.), I sometimes have to keep him entertained, which has resulted in things like the following (originally posted over three days on my Facebook page).

Calling Mission Control. I have deployed the parawings on my exo-suit and have begun my descent to the planet below. Active camouflage engaged.

Mission Update: Inhabitants of planet have turned out to be benign but have mistaken me for a local deity.

Final Mission Report: My retrieval pod has arrived and I commence the journey home in hypersleep. Mission accomplished.

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